Here's what clients say about Amy's coaching programs:


Amy has been my personal life coach for the past year.  She’s not only extremely proficient and very methodical in her approach, but also has a compassion and kindness that exceeds professional standards.  Her coaching skills helped me unblock barriers that were keeping me from achieving success and allowed me to believe in the personal and professional goals I set for myself, including writing a book, speaking publicly and stepping way outside my comfort zone to follow a new career path I would have never imagined for myself.

Amy’s approach is simple –draw out of me what I already have inside.  She never pushes but has helped me reframe the way I look at things, by asking questions to get to the source of whatever is blocking me or preventing me from having the courage to take the next step.

She has gone above and beyond in supporting me through a difficult time of my life with such grace and genuine support.  She truly cares about her clients beyond a phone call and I always know she’ll be there to support and guide me through any decision, goal or life-changing event.

I’m honored to have her as my coach and highly recommend her to anyone that is ready and willing to do the work to take their life or career to the next level.

- Rhonda L.


As an Olympic athlete, I have learned early on that it takes a team to get to the top. I’ve had my share of ups and downs and have persevered through them because of help from my team around me. But recently, I've been aware that part of my mental game has been my weakness, and sport is 100% mental (your thoughts affect your actions).

As I am in training right now for the 2018 Olympics, I know Amy will be one of my greatest assets!”

-Nancy S.

This group has caused me to really look at myself, my fears, what I can control and have an immediate impact on, and what I need to let go as not mine to worry about.

I feel lighter as a result.

More at peace because I am focused on my own growth, versus trying to control everything around me (or worry that I can't.) I already feel a different tone in myself for 2017. My social posts already feel more me and I feel more "at home" with what I am doing. I have wasted entirely too much time comparing myself against everyone else's success and letting that slow my own progress and I just don't feel that weight the same anymore! Thank you, Amy, for guiding us through this process! I've really enjoyed it and am excited to keep pushing myself forward!

-Jenny W.

This group has been truly amazing!

It has forced me to get uncomfortable and go to that place of self-reflection and answer those deep and difficult questions that I typically just avoid. I realize that this type of personal development is the type and style that I truly need, because I love hearing the insight of others and I need accountability to follow up on post action step items. 

I feel less stress and anxiety which is HUGE!!! I am able to celebrate the small daily accomplishments each day and I no longer feel like I am failing at every aspect of my life, but doing the best that I possibly can. I am not letting the bottomless to-do list overwhelm me, but just being present and happy with what I can realistically do. I have gotten out of my comfort zone and have been trying new things more often. And I am actively trying to improve my environment. I also started a gratitude journal.

I will definitely be more mindful at planning my personal development and make sure I am enrolled in some sort of mastermind type setting group quarterly to make sure I am continuing to grow. I feel more confident going after my 2017 goals knowing that I will be continuing on this path of growth. Thank you so so much to Amy and everyone in this group!!! I love our team!!

-Gina N.

Amy took careful thought into having each one of us dig deeper into our own personal growth journeys. Although there were 10 of us in the mastermind together, she made sure we all had time to be stretched in our own way.

My confidence and capacity to love myself grew immensely.

-Andrea H.

Thank you SO MUCH!! Seriously this was such a great way to end 2015 and start 2016 with so much insight and tools to grow and push past places where growth was wanting. This experience has really opened my eyes in the success that comes with intentionality and small group accountability. You are definitely working in your strength zone!

–Bria G.

Once a student. Always a student. This time the subject: personal growth.

For the last 8 weeks I've been part of a personal growth mastermind with some of the most incredible women, who also happen to be kick-ass leaders and some of my best friends.  We covered a lot of ground together and for that I am truly blessed and beyond grateful.

It takes some serious courage and insight to accept that growth is necessary...but to do that in front of others and hold yourself accountable to grow alongside others...that takes BRAVERY fueled by PASSION and PURPOSE.


Thank you for an incredible journey.

-Erin Y.

Jenny and me 2.jpg

To those who ask me how I've been able to surpass my past success with amazing momentum in 2015, I tell them this:

Yeah, you need a Coach.

As a health and fitness Coach myself, it is crucial that I have someone who can help me improve myself while I help others do the same.

I've been working with Amy Snow via small Mastermind groups and one-on-one personal Coaching and can say, without a doubt, that it's been a game changer for me.

In these groups, we dig deep, we connect, we progress.

In my one-on-ones, I face what I otherwise would have avoided.

Through both, I have grown.
Through both, I have improved my leadership, my communication, and my relationships.

If you're wondering how to get a business edge or if you're simply looking for guidance, this may be it. Reach out. Join me in this next Mastermind. Not local? Have no fear, my friend Amy runs these virtually as well.

The time to grow is always now.

-Jenny S.

Thank you for the gift of your gift to us and to me.

Those mastermind weeks were like gold!

What a milestone and I have you to thank!

–Jennifer S.

Today I had the opportunity to meet my life coach in person. For the past year, she has been coaching me through life changes and helping me through difficult decisions.

She doesn't tell me what to do. She empowers me to have the courage to do what I may be scared to do without her belief in me.

She never judges me when I feel like a complete hot mess and is always is genuinely happy for my personal breakthroughs.

Today, I finally had the chance to listen to her story!

Three hours passed without a lull in our conversation. I can't even explain how grateful I am to have her in my life. She's helped me be courageous and has truly had her voice in many of the bold things I've done in the past year.

Thank you Amy for sharing your heart with me today and for being a part of my life.      

-Rhonda L.

I cannot thank you enough for EVERYTHING you have done...I would NOT be where I am now without your support.

You helped me transition out of a world of constant GUILT and feeling STUCK to a world of endless possibilities that I always knew in my gut but didn't exude the confidence or the gumption to make the leap so THANK YOU doesn't seem nearly enough!! I look forward to these next few sessions...I will be RUNNING from volleyball, to baseball to football to a group fitness event all with a NON guilty heart and an open mind to meeting new people and open to forming new relationships!!!

-Tina G.