As a former Division I soccer player, I love what being an athlete has done in every aspect of my life.

Having a coach helped me reach my peak performance, my teammates provided a community, and competition gave me a sense of purpose. Being an athlete is a core component of my identity.

Even so, being an athlete wasn’t all I was or am.

There were other talents and interests in my life that I enjoyed and wanted to explore so I took the time and effort to intentionally develop them. It helped me be a better and more complete athlete as well as face the inevitable day when my sport came to an end. Trust me, it was still one of the most difficult times of my life as I questioned my identity after so many years of investment to becoming the best in my sport I could be.

It was a painful loss that I grieved for a long time. I asked myself a lot of questions during that time…Who am I? What do I do now? What’s my purpose? How do people see me? Am I still valued for who I am or just what I could do on the field?

I wasn’t sure where I fit anymore.

I imagined the transition from my sport into a professional career would be hard, but I didn’t know how hard until I got there. I went from being an expert in my sport to a rookie in a whole new career which left me feeling a bit insecure and like a fish out of water.

It took time for me to finally see how my sport had been preparing me for a successful career all along.

That in combination with the intentional development of other areas of my life was pivotal in launching me into the next season of my life. My mission now is to walk alongside other athletes such as yourself to help develop you holistically as well as help you recognize how the skills you perfected as an athlete give you a competitive edge in life and in just about every industry.


I'll help you launch into your next season

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I help current and former college and professional athletes like yourself create a game plan for life now and in your transition with goals that will fuel continued success.

I then will challenge you to push yourself in new ways so that you can achieve your goals faster than you could on your own.

Whether you know it or not, your sport has been preparing you for a phenomenal career. You are learning skills that will impact you now in your sport and in your life. If you are a current athlete, developing as atotal athlete – body, mind and spirit – is vital to true achievement and success. Don’t wait. And whenever the end of your sport happens is simply the start of another incredible journey.

Together, we’ll discover your next play.



Discover Your Next Play

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